Watching the president’s COVID-19 daily briefings to stay informed has left me with many questions.

The president took over the White House on Jan. 20, 2017. Why, then, three years later, was the president unaware of potential shortages in medical supplies?

As with any change of administration, there will be differences of priorities and those need to be identified and dealt with accordingly by the incoming president and his staff. So why is former President Barack Obama being blamed three years later for any shortcomings?

Was the president receiving intelligence from U.S. resources around the world — China in particular? What was done with the information?

It was well known in March that the U.S. had serious supply issues. Why did the president wait so long to make companies produce what was needed?

Why is the president so obsessed with who has the highest death toll? What does it really matter?

The president often refers to other countries as being worse off. Which countries and why?

Why does it seem presidential briefings are more like rallies instead of informational briefings?

Are people getting the information they expect from the president?

This is not about the man, Donald Trump; this is about the president of the United States of America and his handling of this crisis.

Have we really lowered our bar of expectations of our president, or just our understanding of what a president of the United States should be?

So, here we have a businessman who doesn’t understand his position.

Joseph Mailey, Auburn

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