To the Editor:

I was headed to the dump the other day and as I passed Cumberland Farms, a voice shouted out “Hey, go back to Connecticut, don’t come to Maine.”  As I looked at the fella, I realized it was someone I have known for 20-plus years.  My initial response was I chuckled for a few seconds because I was born here, went to high school here and have lived here for 47 years.

The fact that I had a rental car with Connecticut plates because my truck is in the shop, is the only reason I could think for him yelling his comment.  I know he didn’t recognize me.  Now, I get it about the corona virus, but come on.

I saw him walking on Main Street several days later, stopped and chatted with him a bit.  Now here’s a guy who’s 41 years old, lives with his mother, hasn’t worked in at least 11 years, and gets subsistence anyway he can. No, his mother doesn’t need his help, as a matter of fact she has a boyfriend and wishes her son would move out.  He is not disabled in any way.

In our conversation I mentioned to him I’m glad those folks from away come to Maine because they leave a lot of money here when they go home.  I told him if they own a place here it helps with our property taxes.  He reminded me he doesn’t pay property taxes.

I want to believe he is in the minority, but I’ve heard stories over the years these types of rude comments have been going on for years.  I guess to some the feeling might be, we want you to come to Maine (Vacationland), spend lots of money, stay a little while, then leave.

Heck, I’ve been to several states in New England driving on my Maine plates and never heard a bad comment.  Even got stopped by Massachusetts State Police and when he saw I lived in Norway he said he loved skiing at Sunday River.

T. Jenkins

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