To the Editor:

When non-scientist Trump injects himself into a scientific discussion, well, what could possibly go wrong?

Everything, because it is just more of the same nonsense by a man who speaks like he’s a permanent fixture at Kelsey’s Bar(cue Archie Bunker). And for a person who is the most powerful head of state on Earth, that’s a real problem.

Just on this scale, for example; in social media groups that promote fake cures, President Trump’s words were taken as a beacon of hope.

For example one snake oil salesperson said, ”Mr. President Donald Trump I totally agree with you. Chlorine Dioxide (bleach) is a very noble product that has been used for many years throughout the world to cure people.”

The Genesis II Church (use your Google skills) among other fakers, have been selling products like chlorine dioxide, marketing them as ”Miracle Mineral Solution,” stating that the product will cure autism, acne, cancer, diabetes, Covid-19 and so much more!

As I write this there have been thankfully no reports of people drinking bleach or injecting it or other disinfectants, but the reasonably sane among us can see that this ‘leader’ is a clear and present danger in all areas of his ‘practice’.

Michael Corthell

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