Just to let ya all know I am actually doing fine.  I get to go shopping down into the woods now. There are some massive huge cedar stumps I want to haul home for another creation. Still a bit too much snow down theya tho. I decided I just spent too much time staring at my 200 pound tv stand and did not like it.  I found three things not pleasing to me and decided to dismantle it and build it just slightly different. After all, this is my cave and it should be the way I want it. This is the problem of staying inside too many hours. When I mentioned this project to a couple of peeps, they reminded me of a comment another made years ago. I was told that I am worse than a woman when it comes to re-organizing things about my cave. They are probably right because I do tend to move walls and windows and stoves. I do have a rule though. “Do what I want, just do not ever attempt to move the cement chimney.” So, I began to wonder if I honestly had that adult ADHD. I know I am COB, OLD, OCD, and most probably a couple others thrown in. To prove to myself, I sat down and went through my memory boxes to figure what I had changed. Following is a small list of things done, just to do something. Two pellet stoves, changed their location only 6 times.  Wood stoves, moved or changed stoves only 7 times in 12 years. I have had only 8 vehicles in the last 12 years. That’s about normal for me. But I do not pay a lot for them. Once I put that same amount in repairs, it is on the hit list. Build a wood shed, tear it down and build it somewhere else only 4 times. See that’s not bad.   I am not going to list how many times I changed my cave around. That would allow you to agree with the ADHD thing. Each time I changed it, I had to change my tv stand. You know, just to keep the energy flow traveling around the room properly. Can not have that disrupted. It would most surely drive me crazier than I already am. I have to stop here and admit there are things I have not finished yet. But we have lived here only 25 years and there is no rush to finish some of them. The tv stand is important because it becomes distracting to stare at those mistakes. There just might be a show on I have not seen yet. I have planned on totally remodeling the bathroom, but no rush, it works for now. Its not like I live downtown and get a lot of visitors. Besides, they can go out in the woods if necessary. Guess it is best that I stop heya or I will end up convincing myself I am a tad ADHD and leaning a bit on the lazy side.

Ya have a fine day now.   Ken W

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