Former President Harry Truman made it clear.  A sign on his desk said “The buck stops here.”  If something went wrong in Truman’s administration, he took responsibility.

Today we have “I take no responsibility”  — the mantra of President Trump when there are failures on his watch.

No responsibility in January for not heeding his top adviser Peter Navarro’s warning about the disastrous risks of a pandemic?  Why didn’t Trump order contingency planning then?

No responsibility for shortages of protective equipment?  Why didn’t Trump have officials check the readiness of the national stockpile at any time in the last three-plus years?

No responsibility for continuing shortages of COVID-19 testing, even for the U.S. Congress? Trump bragged on March 7, “anyone who wants a test can get one.”  Why didn’t he take action immediately to ensure the adequacy of reagents, swabs and personnel to perform testing?

No responsibility for his dangerous and uninformed speculations on national television about the curative powers of Lysol and the ensuing ingestion problems?

Why can’t Trump pay attention to the experts instead of recklessly spouting off on matters he knows nothing about?

Why can’t Trump be a man and acknowledge his obvious limitations?

Anne Williams, Lewiston

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