Recently, the country has been witnessing protests against the stay-at-home orders. A number of senators and representatives have spoken out against the protests.

Here in Maine, some of our own leaders encouraged Mainers to participate in the protest in front of the State House to express their dissatisfaction with Gov. Janet Mills’ stay-at-home order. Eric Brakey and Chris Johansen are just a few of the Maine leaders who attended and encouraged others to attend the event.

While Sen. Susan Collins did not attend the protest, she has been silent on the issue. Given that she is both the senior senator of Maine and part of the same party as Brakey and Johansen, it is her responsibility to make a statement on the event. Has she not made a statement because she agrees with the protest? Does she not agree with Gov. Mills’ actions? Is she too afraid to speak out against her own party?

Once again, Mainers deserve answers from Sen. Collins and, instead of getting them, we are left in the dust.

The voting public must hold Sen. Collins accountable for her thoughts on this protest and not let her slide by without answering on this issue, like we have with too many other issues.

Liesha Petrovich, Norway

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