The public needs to save the U.S Postal Service, a quasi-private non-profit, from going bankrupt in June by urging elected officials to fight for the $25 billion bailout it requested.

President Trump insulted the Postal Service by calling it a “mismanaged joke” and flatly refused to save the Postal Service unless it increased the price of postage, amidst an environment where businesses are closed and 30 million Americans are out of work.

The Postal Service was forced into deficit spending in 2006 when the Republican-controlled Congress passed the so-called “Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act,” sponsored by Maine Sen. Susan Collins. The legislation gave the Postal Service 10 years to amass an amount to cover and maintain 75 years’ worth of health and retirement benefits for present and future employees.

The pandemic has reduced Postal Service postage income by 50 percent.

Congress needs to authorize the $25 billion stimulus requested and to revoke the ill-conceived Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act.

The Postal Service men and women, including so many veterans, are on the frontline and need the public’s support in this time of crisis.

Patrick Eisenhart, Lewiston

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