As of the virus update of May 5, Dr. Nirav Shah stated that a total of 61 people in Maine have died from the virus. Of that 61, 35 were in housing facilities. That equals 57.3% of total deaths. I keep looking for and cannot find the numbers to the following:

How many patient workers have died in connection to the state total of 61?

How many patient workers have died in connection with the 35 housing deaths?

Have any workers died from the lack of PPE?

What type of treatments have been successful with those who survived?

What are the total survival numbers?

The statewide percentage of deaths is approximately .00046%, based on a population of roughly 1.3 million. How low does the death rate have to go before I can go to Kohl’s and buy a pair of socks?

One final thought. If politicians can force working people to stay home and not work, why can’t they force those unwilling to work to get a job?

Michael McClure, Lewiston

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