I’m writing to express my deep appreciation for Gov. Janet Mills and Dr. Nirav Shah about their leadership during the COVID-19 crisis.

As the wife of an essential worker who has to travel across the United States and the daughter of medically fragile parents living in Florida, I’m struck, daily, by how differently some governors are responding to the crisis.

I’m so grateful for Gov. Mills’ focus on public health and her steady leadership during this crisis. She has done a strong job balancing the need to reduce our COVID-19 cases and the need for economic relief. I can’t imagine the anxiety of living under a governor such as the capricious leaders of Georgia or Florida.

Weak leadership at the national level has made local leadership even more crucial.

I thank Gov. Mills; my family thanks her. And a thank-you to Dr. Shah for his scientifically-informed, humane leadership during his daily medical updates on the state of Maine.

Karol Maybury, Wilton

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