According to an article “States That Spend the Most and Least on Welfare” appearing on, Maine spends $2,530 per capita with a total public welfare expenditure of $3.38 billion annually.

I cannot locate the number of people in Maine who are not on welfare; nor can I locate the number of people on welfare and entitlements in Maine. My understanding is that close to 50% of the Maine population is on some form of welfare or entitlements and that the state government is looking to increase welfare benefits.

It is the same old ploy — vote for me and I will give you money — used by politicians almost since America’s inception.

As a taxpayer in Maine, I believe the number of Maine residents on welfare and entitlements should be published and available to all Maine taxpayers.

With the additional economic devastation to the state coffers due to the mishandling of the coronavirus, we can all look forward to an increase to the state income tax, gasoline tax, sales tax and property taxes..

Maine has the oldest population in the country, meaning many residents are on fixed incomes. Any new taxes will be a further concern to them when buying oil, food, medications or other necessities.

Paul Spencer, Lewiston

Editor’s note: The data appearing on was published in 2019, and based on the Census Bureau’s 2016 Annual Surveys of State and Local Government Finances.

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