I’m writing in response to those people who are getting antsy, stir crazy or have cabin fever. I know what it feels like. We are all in the same boat. We have to be strong and persevere.

We have to understand the reason the state of Maine is one of the states with a low amount of COVID-19 cases and deaths is because the governor and Dr. Nirav Shah have set such strict rules. People need to keep their distances, wear face masks, wash hands and stay at home if at all possible.

People who go into crowds disobeying those rules are not only endangering themselves, but they can pass this dangerous disease to their elderly grandparents, parents, family, friends or anyone they might come into contact with.

I ask that people play by the rules; have patience; go to the places that are giving free food, if necessary. Be humble and ask for help if needed.

I realize it isn’t easy. Maybe God is telling us that we’ve gone too far — the whole world has been living too high; too much immorality. Lifestyles are out of control.

I believe that God is telling us to get back to basics, love one another and make do with what we have.

We have to be patient. Keep busy. Take on a hobby or make repairs that are long past due and, especially, pray.

Louise Allen, Lewiston

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