The Trump administration is playing the blame game. They stand, unmasked, and stare at the door to yesterday, hoping it will open so they can find someone to blame for this messy pandemic.

Perhaps facing forward, accepting responsibility and showing some leadership, could help solve this crisis rather than blaming a lab rat or a bat. That bat has flown the coop. Piling blame on its head is not going to erase the pandemic — it is here. The world needs to learn from this hard lesson and be more prepared for the next one.

Finding a good reason for the United States to be caught off guard by a tiny germ may be rooted in arrogance and the self-imposed bubble of greatness that has encased the nation’s leaders and blinded them to the fact that America is part of this world and people need to take responsibility for their actions.

Possibly, blame could be placed on divine intervention, due to all the people who have fallen on their knees in the past three years, desperately sending messages skyward, pleading for help to save us from the incompetent administration.

Carole Richards, Livermore

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