AUBURN — With the words, “Live from our bedrooms,” an episode of Saints News begins on YouTube.

Co-anchor Andy Dolci, looking earnest, begins the segment produced by five seniors at Saint Dominic Academy.

“We found lots of optimistic news for you,” he said.

This is followed by a “covideo” of two children rapping a song in their garage for Teacher Appreciation Week.

The idea for the show came from Dolci, a member of the school’s drama program. He and co-anchor Jaden Webster brought Evan Rivard, Ambrose Ward and Evan Chen on board to help with the project for their Senior Involvement requirement.

“It normally involves the senior class going out and helping local companies or organizations,” Webster said.

This year it’s different because of social distancing, he said.

Five seniors at Saint Dominic Academy in Auburn created Saints News, an online broadcast to share good news. The news team above includes senior class weatherman Jacob Clark.  Submitted photos

“We’re in a very close community being at Saint Dom’s, and being in the senior class, we wanted to celebrate our class as well,” Webster said.

He said the goal was “to find things to celebrate and have high spirits about during this difficult time. With the abrupt end to physical classes, we wanted to keep a sense of unity in the community.”

Schools have been closed since March 16 to limit the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Saints News is modeled on actor John Krasinski’s “Some Good News,” a segment on his YouTube channel, Saints News reporter Rivard said.

“We’re trying to bring good news to the community,” he said. “No matter how bad things are, there are always good things going on.”

The show includes a segment called “CoronAthletics,” in which the anchors interview athletes via Zoom. It also includes weather reports by “Chief Meteorologist” Jacob Clark.

It works like this: Rivard calls Clark at random times to ask for a weather report. It’s a little bit “Monty Python.” Silly.

In one episode, Rivard, looking comically peeved, gets Clark’s voicemail five times before he answers. How’s the weather there? Rivard asks.

“It’s uh nice, it’s pretty nice,” Clark says. “I’ve been working on the farm. I’m a farmer now.”

Both are laughing, trying hard not to.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” Rivard says.

“OK. Pfft,” Clark says.

But mostly, they are serious.

The students created graphics, an intro with music and numerals 5 to 1 appearing in a countdown.

Chen created the intro and is the show’s editor.

“He’s extremely passionate about computers, and he really likes editing,” Rivard said.

Ward, “a big movie fan,” is the chief writer.

Rivard is headed to film school.

Saint Dom’s graduation is set for June 4, but the seniors said they didn’t yet know where or how that would happen.

For now, they just want to make people a little happier. All six episodes “so far” and an hourlong livestream they did Thursday are all on YouTube on the “Saints News” channel.

“We’re having a great time and hoping we have impacted the community in some positive way,” Rivard said.

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