As I respond to the second fraudulent unemployment claim for my company, I am thinking that maybe Gov. Janet Mills should use her skills as past attorney general to go after the thousands of dollars being bilked from the state and stop focusing on ruining peoples lives by not allowing businesses to open.

I cannot fathom why an individual would be allowed to file for unemployment on May 23 and be paid for six weeks past wages ($6,270) with no verification from the employer until after the funds have been released.

So now, Gov. Mills has found another way to bankrupt the state by throwing away money that Maine needs desperately to go along with dictating where I can stay, eat, etc.

As a state that relies heavily on tourism, I hope she comes to her senses soon and allows people to decide for themselves what is safe and not safe before it is too late. If not, we are all doomed to a worse fate than COVID-19 could ever cause.

Jason Lowit, Lewiston

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