To the Editor:

I am writing in wholehearted support of Jen Blastow’s campaign for House District 72. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Blastow for many years and in many different contexts. The first time I met her was on a long trail run in the mountains of western Maine with a mutual friend. I was so impressed, not only with here exceptional stamina ( She has run over 25 marathons.) but with her cheerful persistence under some pretty adverse conditions.

I’ve gotten to know Jen better as our kids went through Otisfield Community School together where she was always a presence at school events. I support her candidacy for multiple reasons: As a nurse practitioner for 18 years, she shows deep compassion for the people of this area. As a woman of science, she deeply understands the threat that climate change poses to our communities and to the planet. As a regular volunteer at the Alan Day Community Garden, she understands the inequity in our food and economic system that leaves too many behind.

Jen Blastow will support the critical work being done by the Maine Climate Council and help propel Maine to the forefront in the just transition to an equitable green economy powered by wind and solar. She will fight for dignified jobs that transition the state away from dirty fossil fuels that drain billions out of our state, and help to build a strong Maine-first food economy that provides dignified opportunity for our farmers and a healthy diet for all Mainers.

For years I and many others in our area have been frustrated by Ms. Blastow’s opponent’s climate denial, and solar policy obstruction which has held our state back, stymying the creation of good jobs and supporting the exodus of our energy dollars. Whether it is in responding to a health crisis or the climate crisis, our district deserves leadership that understands the science, and has the dogged persistence to usher Maine into the Green Economy of the future. Please cast your vote for Jen Blastow in November.

Scott Vlaun

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