I am writing in support of the funding request by the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce.

For all of us who depend on tourism as our primary “industry”, the Chamber has really done an incredible job  for our region. When the economy went wrong in 2008, the Chamber pushed Rangeley hard and the economy recovered (as measured by sales tax receipts for lodging and dinning) within a few years and then grew. When the mountain closed, again the Chamber fought and again the recovery was fast and the area continues to grow. The website is an excellent showcase for the entire area and the Facebook presence and weekly e-blast (which goes to readers all over this country and beyond) are always selling Rangeley.

If it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child, it takes a variety of resources to sell a ‘vacation spot’ and the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce is a very good one.  I hope you will look favorably on this request.

Joanne Dunlap, Owner Mo’s Variety

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