Maximum: 89* Date: 5/28

Minimum: 25 Date: 5/10

Average True Temp: 49.7


Total for month: 4.151″

Greatest: 1.15″ Date: 5/30

Daily Average: .15

Year to Date: 16.018“


Total: 5.2”

Snow on the Ground First Day: .01”

Snow on the Ground Last Day: 0

Season to Date: 99.87″


Peak: 38 Date: 5/10

Average Peak 20.4 mph

Barometric Pressure

High: 30.25 Date 5/20

Low: 29.45 Date: 5/9

Wind Chill

Low: -3 Date: 5/10

Data is recorded/taken from Pump Station #2 located @ or near the highway garage #29 Robbins Avenue and Chick Hill.


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