During these difficult and uncertain days, people are worried if they will have a job, if their business will be able to open or will they go bankrupt. Families are worried about their future, will they be able to pay their bills and keep their homes. Apparently, that doesn’t seem to bother the RSU 16 administrators, budget committee and school board, who propose to give themselves and teachers a raise and to increase the school budget by a million dollars.

They will talk about how much money is needed to provide free lunches to the students, then they will raise the students’ parents’ taxes and make it even more difficult for those same parents to provide for their children.

I feel they are taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation to try to pass a budget, knowing the public cannot attend any of the budget meetings. They must feel that taxpayers should just go to the polls in July and vote that budget in when most folks do not even know what it contains.

This year, raises should be held back and no increase in the budget. Let the taxpayers get back on their feet when the economy gets better.

Bernice Fraser, Minot

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