We will soon celebrate this nation’s birthday and it could be the very last.

We are heading down a path our founders tried to avoid. All lives matter, not just Black.

The leaders of this movement want armed members to take the law into their own hands to bring their form of justice. This could be the final straw to civil war.

I think the Black Lives Matter movement is wrong. They want to destroy the past. That is how we learn from it, and try not to repeat the mistakes.

If Black lives matter, than what about abortion? Don’t those lives matter? The disabled. Don’t their lives matter? Veterans. Don’t their lives matter?

NBA is planning logos on the floors, and the NFL should know the flag means more than something to take a knee to.

I would be more impressed if the protesters were old enough to even vote, and if the press would take a stand on something other than hating Trump.

We need to finally take a stand like we did after 9/11. Let’s sit down and work toward solving this problem other than riots, defunding the police, beating down people and murder — all under the banner of slavery that ended over 100 years ago.

Steven Reed, Lisbon Falls

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