Alright, here’s the skinny. This is not 1918. Today, it is well known what steps to take to prevent the spread of a dangerous virus from growing into a pandemic. It was known before COVID-19 was even discovered. In today’s world, a virus like that needs enablers to go pandemic.

Around the world, those enablers are: irresponsible governments (national, state and local — particularly presidents, governors and city councils) along with businesses that secretively fail to heed warning signs and individuals who show no regard for others.

Only governmental leaders have the power to compel rational compliance. Several have done just the opposite — the president and several governors among them. Politicians who say it should be a personal choice are also complicit.

Folks need to wake up. People are sick and dying, not just from a virus, but likely more so from self-serving irresponsibility.

People should do their homework, get active and vote.

Kevin Simpson, Auburn

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