I agree with Thomas Shields in his recent letter (July 11) about NFL players “taking a knee” during the playing of the National Anthem. It is disrespectful, but that is not my principal objection.

One thing never mentioned is that those football players, when “taking a knee,” are doing so in their workplace. The venue may be a large open air stadium, but it is still a workplace — not a place for any kind of political posturing.

Of all the places I have worked during my lifetime, I never could have imagined any of my employers permitting political demonstrations or posting of any political posters, or material of any kind, in the offices where I worked.

Can anyone imagine the divisiveness that would result in a small office of 10 to 20 employees, similar to many of the places I worked, where there could end up being competing political views? There would be turmoil, such as is seen now with these pampered millionaire players making their political statements.

If they want to protest something, they should make up a sign and find a street corner to stand on — something many people do.

Robert Casimiro, Bridgton

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