They are at it again. It’s not bad enough for the officer who was photographed with his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

Too often I turn on my television and see another Black person getting shot or tazed or put into a chokehold.

Today (July 13), when I turned on the TV, what did I see but another police officer doing a chokehold on yet another person (Black, of course).

Just because they wear a badge doesn’t give them the right to abuse it. Are they afraid of the color of their skin? Is being Black not good enough?

I am white; that’s a color, too. In a box of crayons, there is both black and white. Most children like to color. Should those two colors be taken out of the box? But then the box of crayons would be incomplete.

When are the police forces going to get rid of the bad cops who give the good ones a bad reputation?

Phyllis Caron, Lewiston

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