With chaos running amok in many of this country’s largest states and/or cities run by Democratic governors and/or mayors, and a presumptive nominee for president who refuses to debate President Trump or even answer questions asked by reporters in public, who can believe that a Democrat should be elected for president?

If Joe Biden is afraid to debate Trump, think what could be expected of him to do as president when it becomes necessary to confront Korea’s Kim Jon Un, Russia’s Vladimir Putin or China’s President Xi if there is no basement to hide in?

Many Democrats in Congress propose or favor the idea of “defunding police departments,” while others debate the merits of socialism over capitalism and a single payer medical system funded by the federal government, which is notoriously inefficient and corrupt. Check out the Veterans Administration’s past record of inability to adequately care for veterans and the waste and corruption in the huge VA facilities in the Los Angeles area.

I live in increasing fear for the future of this country if the Democrats take control of both Congress and the presidency in the 2020 election.

Richard Grover, Mason Township

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