In 1775, the Continental Congress appointed Ben Franklin to be the first postmaster and the United States Postal Service was born. It has been there during this nation’s wars as a means of communication for all people. It has been the way most folks have paid their bills, sent away for all manner of goods and services or just to send a postcard from a vacation.

In 2006, the Congress required the USPS to fund retirement benefits out to 75 years. That money was supposed to ensure the employees’ benefits but is being diverted to pay the national debt.

This is only one of the attacks on the USPS. I think it was designed to weaken the service to allow private business to take over.

The Postal Service is a service to all the American people and has served the public well. In turn, the public should support it and support the people who work to provide that service.

Keep politics away from the Postal Service.

James McHugh, Mexico

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