I will start by admitting there was more then once that folks who considered themselves normal, questioned my style of thinking. Just because it is early in the morning and I am outside walking around barefooted does not make me a tad warped in my way of doing things. I realize most normal folks would put on rubber boots or something such as that because the grass was wet from the rain. When I was young,(and that was not yesterday,) we always went barefoot.  (should that be barefooted or bare feeted) We saved the shoes for important things, like going to church. It really does not do any good to wear normal shoes walking around doing old man retired stuff in the wet grass and clover. The morning glories needed a stick to climb, That was one of my early morning tasks. Now, the problem I have is the way I like to look at things.  I could not just shove any ole stick in the ground with twine trailing from it to the ground. I actually went down in the woods yesterday and found just the right stick. But it is still where I put it.  I just had to tour the woods with my daughter and find some awesome blowdowns. Our minds were just whirring with all of the unique projects we could do once we get the stumps out of the woods. I had to set the special stick down with the plan to pick it up on the way back by.  I think some animal came along and moved the stick though.  I just could not find it when I came back the trail.  This is normal. One fancy stick amongst other trees and blow downs. I had to go with plan 20-B/78 to fix the morning glories. As I started walking around looking for a substitute stick, mother squirrel came running and sat on my foot.  She stood up as though to say “where is my food?”.  I leaned the step ladder against the house and put sunflower seeds on each step.  She took what I had left in my hand then scurried off to empty her pouch.  When she came back she proceeded to clean the seeds from all the steps of the ladder.  So now I can venture to find that stick and get this little job done. The morning glories (which China sent me petunia seeds that became morning glories) are sending out long vines for climbing. This is what they are supposed to do and my task was to help them.  As I wandered around, my feet began to look like wrinkled old prunes.  But that was ok, I would not have to wash my feet again this week.  At least my shoes were still dry sitting just inside my cave. So you see folks, I call this normal thinking for someone such as I . After a small discussion with the chipmunk and making the morning glories happy, I can now decide what to do next. I am thinking I have to set up a trail camera to find out which creature is eating the petals of the roses. If it is a squirrel or mouse, I can fix that problem. But, if it is chippy, then there will have to be a discussion about the roses.

This brings to mind a short story by Edgar Allen Poe “The Telltale Heart”.   “True nervous, very very dreadfully nervous I have been and am.  But why will you call me mad?  The disease has sharpened my senses. Not destroyed, nor dulled them. “

Ya all have a fine day now.  The ducks just arrived and are hollering for their breakfast.      Ken W  COB

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