Keeping our immune system healthy has always been important, but over the years, especially when we think we have good health anyway, we get slack and forget just how important it is for the first line of defense in fighting disease. As I introduced last week, essential oils can be a right way of repairing and maintaining our immune system. As ever, know that I am not a medical expert, and alternative treatments are not a complete substitute for medical advice.
First, five critical points if you’re considering using essential oils.
• The term “food grade” is not an FDA classification; however, all components of food or food-related products must be safe for human consumption and all surfaces where the food comes in contact. Also, food-grade equipment materials must be non-toxic.
• The FDA classifies essential oils as “generally regarded as safe”(GRAS).
• Organic labeling for essential oils has to meet the same standards as any other product labeled organic.
• Do your research. The FDA pinged the brand dōTerra for making unsubstantiated claims. Buyer beware.
• Don’t get sucked into buying several different oils at once. If you have a variety of ailments, focus on one at a time. That way, you can tell more easily what is working, and importantly, you are not causing more bodily stress by trying to force it to heal everything at once!
Quality matters. Buy wisely. By learning to make your own, you are extra-assured of knowing which ingredients are in that bottle! Be extra cautious of using oils with children, pets, pregnant or nursing moms, if you’re taking medications, and if you are photosensitive. Check first with appropriate experts, particularly a certified essential oil expert.
Dosage matters, as well as circumstances, so this information isn’t meant to discourage, but rather encourage. Make sure that this step to improving your health is as successful as it can be. Like any product, they have to be used correctly for optimum safety and the best outcome.
Next week I’ll continue with offering ways to use essential oils, as well, as recommend a few for common ailments.

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