Since 2012 there has been a small fund available for RLRS teachers to show that we appreciate all they do for the children of our community.  The fund is called “My Grandmother’s Purse”. The money contributed is deposited in My Grandmother’s Purse account at Skowhegan Savings Bank in Rangeley so the teachers have “a purse” when they need something for their classes, for a student-in-need or for an activity that they often end up paying for themselves.  But mostly this is to let them know we really care and know how committed they are to their students.  The hope is that “the purse” will be emptied each school year and that we can re-fill it the next year.  It is time to refill the “purse”.  Particularly in this year of uncertainties, support for our school staff is even more critical. Checks may be made out to My Grandmother’s Purse and may be hand delivered  or mailed to Skowhegan Savings, P.O. Box 548, Rangeley, ME 04970.  Please  be sure to designate any contribution as a donation to My Grandmother’s Purse account.




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