DEAR SUN SPOTS: We have a relative who weighs 350 pounds and is in need of a bed. We bought him a mattress about three years ago, but it needs to be replaced. I am hoping that someone in Sun Spots Land can offer some advice as to what type we should look for and where we would purchase it. Thank you for all you do. — No name, Auburn

ANSWER: How about it, Sun Spotters? Please make some recommendations here. I would think that anywhere that sells king-size mattresses and foundation sets with superior support, as well as a strong hardwood frame would be the way to go. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are the best types of mattresses, rather than just a foam mattress, for a heavier person as coils offer more support than the base foams found in all-foam mattresses.

Brands to look for include Big Fig, Saatva HD, Titan, and Winkbed because they have models specifically made for larger people. I’m sure any salesperson at a good furniture store can help you make the right choice, but it would be great to have some reviews from readers who are happy with their “sleep system.”

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In answer to where to get great fish and chips (Aug. 20 Sun Spots), here are a few places to consider. Cyndi’s Dockside Restaurant on Route 26 in Poland serves wonderful home-style food and has a great view of Range Pond from the dining room. They also have takeout. Gritty McDuff’s at South Main Street in Auburn and also in Freeport; the Grid Iron on outer Lisbon Street in Lewiston and the Lost Gull on Route 26 in Oxford, too.

Also, could you please reprint the recipe for Canadian meat pie? I have lost my old recipe. We love your column! — Gail, Auburn

ANSWER: Thanks for those recommendations and I hope everyone in Sun Spots Land is getting their fill of fish and chips!

As far as the Canadian meat pie, or tourtiere, goes, here is the prize-winning recipe published last summer in Sun Spots that was contributed by Pauline from Winthrop. I made several meat pies at Christmas time last year and I have to say that seeing the recipe again makes me want to make (and eat) some right this minute. I hope this is what you’re looking for!

Combine 3 pounds ground pork shoulder, ½ pound ground beef, 1 onion, finely chopped, 1 tablespoon salt, ½ teaspoon each pepper, sage, savory and allspice, and 2 cups water. Simmer in a large pot for two hours.

Meanwhile, boil three potatoes. Push cooked potatoes through a ricer and mix with meat. Simmer for another half hour. When done, remove any grease from the top. Fill pastry crust and cover with top crust. Bake at 450 degrees until brown. This recipe will make two large pies or three smaller ones.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We just wanted to let you know we received so much yarn from so many wonderful people that our cupboard is full (July 27 Sun Spots). If we all live to be 100, we’ll still have yarn left over. Thanks to everyone! — Ginger, Auburn

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