As a lifelong conservative and former Republican national delegate, I cannot vote for either Dale Crafts or Susan Collins — both of whom are Donald Trump supporters who don’t seem to recognize Trump’s inability to deal with the growing pandemic, which has caused more than 190,000 Americans to die and 22 million to lose their jobs or to be laid off.

In less than four years, Trump has added $2 trillion to the national debt — one which he promised to pay off.

Much of the national debt can be attributed to Susan Collins’ vote for double-digit, permanent tax breaks for corporations which failed to produce jobs. Rather they used the money to buy back stock and to give their CEOs multi-million dollar bonuses, just as they did during George W. Bush’s great recession.

It is baffling how Dale Crafts, a successful, decent businessman, could support Trump, a spendthrift, business failure.

Patrick Eisenhart, Lewiston

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