To the Editor:

Fenwick Fowler, running for commissioner to represent District 2 (Farmington, New Sharon and Chesterville) is the one we need now to fill this important seat.

As a long-time local reporter, I have written many stories of community programs and projects he was involved in over his 40 years with Western Maine Community Action, including 24 as its director.

I saw how deeply committed he is. I have seen how hard he works to ensure critical social services continue to be available to all, especially important now in the current economic, public health, and climate crisis.

I have seen him in action. He is smart, he listens to all sides, he understands the issues and knows how to work with others to get things done. Fen is also committed to reopen the discussion that cut funding to eight critical agencies that provide social services county-wide.

In addition, I know he is committed to ensuring Franklin County¬†will continue its support for a strong sheriff’s department and jail, district attorney’s office, emergency management office, and an key economic development initiative to bring in broadband.

Fen has the experience of managing a large agency with a tight budget, and has a long history of collaborating, from the local level to the state. He has a vision for the future for our region. He has my vote.

Betty Jespersen


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