These days the importance of restoring the environment seems to me to surpass all the other pressing crises: Without a functioning planet, all our other problems are moot.

So when I learned that state Rep. Randy Hall (Chesterville, Wilton, New Vineyard, Strong, Industry, Temple) voted against virtually every environment-related bill in his first term of office, I was quite dismayed. Rep. Hall opposed legislation on reducing plastics, promoting solar energy, prohibiting aerial spraying of herbicides for deforestation, heat pump loans, and many other environmentally helpful proposals.

I will definitely vote for his challenger, Greg Kimber, who, in addition to prioritizing the environment, is a strong defender of civil rights, workers’ rights, voting rights, women’s rights, and lower property taxes, all of which Hall has voted in opposition to.

It seems my current representative just isn’t representing me, and I believe Greg Kimber will.

Cynthia Stancioff, Chesterville

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