AUBURN — Jelisa Hamilton is the featured artist in the Auburn Gritty’s Art and Ale window. Hamilton is a lifelong artist who grew up in the Midwest. She is inspired by the beauty of nature and the world around her. Her love of music, nature, literature and art was encouraged by her grandparents who helped her realize her dreams to become an artist. In 2002 she met the love of her life, Arden Stephens, a talented craftsman who sparked new creativity.

“Metallic Sky,” Jelisa Hamilton Submitted photo

“The Shire,” Jelisa Hamilton Submitted photo

Hamilton is a visually impaired artist. She was born with a condition that caused her to lose her sight over time, which allowed her to adapt and adjust how she created art. She works in close proximity to her artwork, in small intervals of time while incorporating magnification, always trying to adapt to the continued decline in her vision.

She enjoys many different media, including acrylic, origami and digital art. She uses bold, vibrant colors, abstract designs and metallic or sparkling accents in many of her designs. Her dream is to one day own a studio and gallery where she can have the opportunity to work in her first love of ceramics and have a place for artists to gather and create.

The paintings on display are part of Hamilton’s Dreamscape Collection, a collection that has been about a year in the making. The collection has inspired her to try new techniques and explore new ways to express herself, including digital art. The Digital Dreamscapes are several new designs that are available as fine art prints.

Hamilton said, “Spending time creating these whimsical pieces while in isolation during the pandemic has been a nice way to unwind during a stressful time in the world. I hope these brighten your day and transport you to a peaceful state of mind, something I think we could all enjoy, even just for a moment.”

To purchase artwork, email [email protected] To display work, check out Check out Hamilton’s facebook page at

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