RUMFORD — A 21-year-old local man was behind bars this week after he was charged with holding a woman against her will, assaulting her and then attacking police who came to arrest him.

Isaac Therrien Rumford Police Department

Isaac Therrien was being held without bail Friday night at the Oxford County Jail on charges of aggravated domestic violence assault, criminal restraint, refusing to submit to arrest, assault on a police officer, attempted escape and violating conditions of release.

Early Monday morning, police said they received a call from a citizen reporting that they received a cryptic text message from a woman indicating that she was in trouble and being held against her will by a man in an apartment at 95 Maine Ave. in Rumford.

Police said officers responded and found Therrien at the apartment, along with a 49-year-old woman.

“The investigation indicated that Therrien had taken the victim’s phone away from her and held her against her will for two days in the apartment while repeatedly assaulting her,” Rumford police Chief Tony Milligan wrote in a press release. “On Monday morning, the victim was able to use a phone to get a text message out for help. When police attempted to arrest Therrien, he tried to escape from custody and when that was unsuccessful, he turned his aggression towards the arresting officers causing one officer to sustain a broken nose and black eye and another officer to sustain rib injuries before they subdued Therrien, whom police said is a competitive, mixed-martial arts fighter.

Police said that two weeks prior, they had arrested Therrien at 325 Cumberland St. in Rumford for very similar circumstances involving the same victim.


“In that case, Therrien again tried to fight with the police, but he was subdued very quickly before causing any injuries to officers,” Milligan wrote.

In that incident, Therrien was charged with domestic assault, criminal restraint and refusing to submit to arrest. At the time, Therrien was free on bail in an unrelated case in which he was charged with violating a protection order involving a different victim.

Police said Therrien was initially held without bail but later released by the court on Oct. 2 on $500 cash bail pending a trial with conditions that he stay away from the victim and refrain from committing further crimes.

“With the recent arrest earlier this week demonstrating continuing acts of violence and refusal to comply with bail conditions,” Milligan wrote, “the court ordered Therrien’s bail revoked and he remains in jail pending his trial at a date to be determined.”

Rumford police has been working closely with the victim in this case providing assistance and resources to cope with the trauma.

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