Harrison Town Clerk Melissa St. John, left, and Deputy Clerk Taylor Correia take a break during a long Election Day on Tuesday. Nicole Carter/Advertiser Democrat

HARRISON — Voters passed ordinance questions on mass gatherings, floodplain management and building permits during Election Day balloting.

The Mass Gathering Ordinance was amended to clarity it applies to private as well as public property. The vote was 814-681

The floodplain management ordinance, which was approved 925-583, allows property owners to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program and outlines the permitting process to build in the flood zone.

Passage of the Building Permit Ordinance was a close vote, 769-724. It clarifies sideline setback allowances for property lines and restricts new buildings to no more than 30 feet tall for firefighting safety. It also streamlines the process for residents applying for permits for disability access and improvements.

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