A line of voters wraps around Wilton’s town office Tuesday. Eight voters were allowed in the office at a time to cast their ballots. Andrea Swiedom/Franklin Journal

WILTON — The Town of Wilton reported 2,201 ballots cast on Tues., Nov. 3, with 1,230 of those as absentee ballots. Throughout Tuesday, a line of voters remained consistent and wrapped around the Town Office, where Deputy Treasurer Linda Bureau monitored the door ensuring no more than eight voters were inside at one time.

As people streamed out of the office, many stopped to sign the petition to put Central Maine Power Company’s corridor project to a statewide vote. Volunteer Geri Bryant said that the slower flow due to coronavirus precautions allowed more voters to familiarize themselves with the petition as they waited in line.

Dawson Tolman, 19, of Wilton registered Tuesday and cast his first ballot ever, saying he wasn’t nervous about voting in-person.

“I’m not so much as nervous as what comes after,” he said.

As of 1 p.m. Tuesday, Wilton had 838 ballots cast, including absentees. Town officials decided not to tabulate absentee ballots ahead of time.

“We really didn’t anticipate this kind of absentee number,” Town Clerk Diane Dunham said as she directed Dawson through his registration process.


Wilton has about 2,983 registered voters and Dunham said she had registered about 15 more by Tuesday afternoon.

Wilton’s ballot counts which includes Washington Township are as follows:

Presidential Election

Joe Biden 978

Roque De La Fuente 2

Howie Hawkins 18


Jo Jorgensen 62

Donald Trump 1117

U.S. Senate

Susan Collins 1264

Sara Gideon 773

Max Linn 39


Lisa Savage 92

U.S. House of Representatives

Dale Crafts 960

Jared Golden 1189

Franklin County Sheriff

Edward Hastings 821


Scott Nichols 1299

State Senate District 17

Russell Black 1409

Jan Collins 756

State House of Representatives District 114

Randall Hall 1397


Greg Kimber 718

Franklin County Commissioner District 1

Tiffany Maiuri 929

Terrance Brann 1199

Register of Probate

Heidi Jordan 1799




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