LEWISTON – The University of Maine at Augusta will offer a certificate and an associate degree program in dental assisting, as well as the Expanded Functions Dental Assisting curriculum at its UMA Lewiston Center.

Expanding the dental programs to the UMA Lewiston Center was made possible through multiple funding sources, including a $100,000 grant through the University of Maine System’s Program Innovation Fund, a $50,000 grant from the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation, and a $25,000 grant from the Libra Foundation.

Until this innovative program, UMA’s Dental Assisting Program and Expanded Functions Dental Assisting curriculum have been limited to offering laboratory and preclinical courses on the UMA-Bangor Campus where the UMA Dental Programs are located. Establishing a clinic at a UMA center provides an opportunity for place-bound students interested in pursuing a professional program to do so close to home. Upon graduation, dental assistants are ready to enter the workforce in their communities.

The portable nature of the clinic allows UMA, over two years, to help meet the dental workforce and community needs of a specific area of Maine before relocating to another UMA Center to do the same. Enrollment for the first cohort of Expanded Functions Dental Assisting and Dental Assisting students is now open with classes beginning in January 2021.

“UMA is excited to bring its Dental Assisting Programs to the Lewiston Auburn area,” UMA President Rebecca Wyke said. “This new rotating dental clinic concept allows us to expand into areas where students can pursue dental careers close to home. This also provides educational opportunities that are beneficial in growing Maine’s workforce.”

There are no fees to apply to UMA for admission and no application fee to complete the Federal Student Financial Aid form. UMA also offers various scholarships, including the Pine Tree State Pledge and UMA $10K that offer no cost, or low cost, tuition to qualified students.

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