Susan Collins owes us all an apology. More than a week after a riot at the Capitol, she and the Republican Party have never decried Donald Trump.

She tolerated his run for president in 2016. She refused to convict him at his impeachment trial, telling us he “has learned his lesson.” She has colluded with him in packing the courts with right-wing judges. She stood silently, tolerating his lies, his racism, his promotion of radical right-wing extremists. She was too weak to cry out against his reelection bid this last year.

She stayed silent when he tried to overturn his election loss. And silent when he pressured officials to void the Georgia outcome.

Sadly, she is silent even when a policeman dies protecting her life.

Sen. Collins should shamefully admit her complacency with the horrors of the Trump years. She must apologize to Maine and especially to the family of Officer Brian Sicknick.

Frank Kieliszek, Norway

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