Coach: Steve DeAngelis

Conference: KVAC; Class: B

Last years results: Boys: Fourth at KVACs and fourth at state championship. Girls: Second at KVACs and third at state championship.

Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Max Gamache; Juniors – Max Olmstead, Zach Berg, Seth Badeau Girls: Seniors — Sophie O’Clair, Evelyn St. Germain, Lily Cannell; Juniors – Sally Stokes, Jenna Badeau. Winthrop girls: Junior — Muriel Lattin. Sophomore — Phoebe Dow. Freshmen — Sophie Blanco, Alyeah Childs.

Key losses: Boys: Carter McPhedran, Brady Stockwell; Girls: Maura Taylor, Cambelle Nutting


Promising newcomers: Boys: Silas Bartol, Wyatt Stevenson; Girls: Elsa Bergdahl, Olympia Farrell

Mt. Abram Roadrunners

Coach: Buzz Bean

Conference: MVC; Class: B

Last years results: Boys: Class C runner-ups

Returning athletes: Boys: Alex Hemingway, Cameron Walters, Jeff Warnock. Girls: Emily Kidd


Promising newcomers: Julia Wells.

Mt. Blue Cougars

Coach: Emmy Held

Conference: KVAC; Class: A

Last years results: Boys: First at KVACs and third at state championship. Girls: KVAC and Class A state champions.

Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Jackson Joyce. Girls: Seniors — Daphne Giampietro.


Key losses: Evan Hornback, Kahryn Cullenberg, Clay McCarthy, Molly Harmon.

Promising  Newcomers: Emma White, Jack Kearney, Tomas Cundick, Alex Hardy, John Knapp, Jack Cramer.

Spruce Mountain Phoenix

Coaches: Kerry Brenner and Ben Geissinger

Conference: MVC; Class: B

Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Kylie Pepe, Nathaniel Tibbetts. Sophomores — Abrahm Geissinger, Matt Pepe, Samuel Perkins, Owen Schwab.

Key losses: Eugene Lindsey.

Promising newcomers: Tyler Gould, Joseph Christian, Bryce McDonald.

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