Editor’s note: What you are about to read contains hate speech and is strongly disturbing. 

In 2010, anti-gay activist Michael Heath declared his intention to run for governor as an independent.

One day later, he dropped out of the race after announcing the campaign was “beyond my capacity at this point in my life.”

Now, though, he said he’s in for real, determined to defeat Democrat Gov. Janet Mills, who is up for reelection in 2022.

“We’re going to lead Maine people through this Red Sea of communism into Donald Trump’s new Christian constitutional republic,” Heath posted on his website recently.

Heath, 59, has not filed paperwork as a candidate with the Maine Ethics Commission. No other challengers have yet entered the gubernatorial race, though former Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican, has repeatedly said he plans to run. A former GOP congressman, Bruce Poliquin, may be interested as well.


The former executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, Heath vehemently opposes abortion and equality for gay people.

He said this month that the first order of business for him “is casting the God-hating demon, Jezebel Janet Kills, out of Maine politics.”

In another social media post, Heath said Mills has a “darkened soul” that explains “her maniacal thirst for the blood of babies, destruction of families and ruination of Maine’s small business-based economy.”

He suggested that Jesus “wants me to cast Jezebel Janet Kills out of Maine’s governor’s mansion” by performing “a political exorcism.”

In his video Tuesday, he vowed to replace the bust of former Gov. Percival Baxter in the State House with  “a monument honoring the Ten Commandments” instead.

Heath, who is the executive director of Helping Hands Ministries, isn’t impressed with LePage.


He said the two-term former state leader “bragged about opening Maine for business when he was governor. Now he dons the face diaper, brags about saving Maine from COVID and tends bar.”

Heath scoffed at public health measures aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19, including masks and social distancing.

“I will open Maine for business,” he said. “What else is there? We can’t maintain our families and churches if we don’t work.”

Maine people “are waking up from this nightmare,” Heath said. “And when they are fully awake because they’ve finally learned the truth, they are going to throw all the bums out and start over.”

Heath has harsh words for the Legislature as well, calling it a joke.

“They are so scared they won’t use the house we built for them,” he said, adding that lawmakers need to “stop this nonsensical distancing idiocy and get back to work in the State House.”


But he doesn’t expect much from legislators anyway.

He said the Legislature “has been useless” for decades and is “a thoroughly corrupt institution” that needs to be changed from the bottom up.

Heath suggested it begin by banning abortion and sodomy.

But, he said, “the hard part is going to be repairing the economic and cultural devastation caused by nearly a century of religious laziness.”

“We’re all bored to tears with your gender/queer woke nonsense,” Heath said. “Give us our liberty back so we can work for ourselves, love our neighbors and build strong families.”

Heath led the Christian Civic League for 15 years and twice oversaw people’s veto efforts to overturn gay-rights laws in Maine.

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