Let us make no mistake about it: President Donald Trump is responsible for inciting the evil in his lunatic fringe that morphed into a mob that assaulted the citadel of democracy around the world.

Trump has been impeached, and he must be convicted. He must be relegated to the ash heap of history.

The Republican Party has many principled candidates who can assume the mantle of leader of their party and restore its decency. If we are to heal a deeply divided nation, Republicans must accept the hard truth that Joe Biden won the election. They must push back on those who still believe the election was stolen, no matter how disappointed they may be.

Democrats must separate Trump the pathological liar from Trump’s policies, and work to change the ones they disagree with. But for now, the most important goal for this great nation is to accept the legitimacy of President-elect Biden’s election — and take a timeout to listen to his inaugural address with an open mind, to learn what his plan is to restore our dignity and civility.

George Howitt, Lewiston

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