Sayveben Sengsavang displays one of his signature dishes at Mu Noi Brunch in Auburn last summer. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal file photo Buy this Photo

AUBURN — Chef Sayvepen Sengsavang will bring the spice tonight on Supermarket Stakeout.

According to his wife, Elise, Sengsavang will appear on the Food Network show’s next episode at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The couple were featured in the Sun Journal last month, having opened Mu Noi Brunch at 1056 Center St. in July and were candid about the struggles and joys of opening an eatery during the pandemic.

Tonight’s episode description, per Food Network:

“Things heat up as host Alex Guarnaschelli challenges four chefs to make the spiciest dishes in parking lot history. Then, it’s time to bust out the fancy paper plates and napkins for a picnic feast. Finally, the coolest chef on the block will whip up an ice cream truck treat for $10,000.”

The show’s premise has four chefs setting out pop-up kitchens in a grocery store parking lot and buying food from shoppers as they leave the store, tasked with cooking around a theme.

Elise Sengsavang wrote on Facebook that her husband was approached for the show about six months ago, initially turning it down, not wanting to be on camera.

“(He) assessed why it made him uncomfortable and decided to do something totally outside his comfort zone,” she wrote. “I’m so proud of him and his approach to life. I truly believe it is part of what makes him a great chef and why, no matter what, he finds success. When you are willing to put yourself out there, when you are willing to take a risk, you will always find growth.”

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