100 Years Ago: 1921

The Salvation Army is 37 years old today and the Corps is planning on a birthday meeting tonight. All Interested are invited to attend and hear a retrospective on “Thirty Years Ago and Now.” There will be original choruses on the program.

50 Years Ago: 1971

A group of persons active in  the Catholic Youth Organization gathered  Friday evening at the Steer House in Lewiston to honor Rev. Royal J. Parent who serves as the CYO moderator for the State of Maine. Fr. Parent was recently named pastor of St. Mary’s Parish in Eagle Lake and the party was arranged as a sort of a farewell even though Fr. Parent will retain his post as moderator for several months. Miss Rita Castonguay of Holy Cross Church, Lewiston Deanery Three adult advisors made arrangements for the party which was attended by youth and adult advisors from throughout the state. It was planned as a surprise for Fr. Parent. He was presented with a gift of appreciation from the group.

25 Years Ago: 1996

Jeremy Cormier can shoot hoops. At 9 years old, his record is something that many basketball players envy. He consistently sinks free throws nearly 80 percent of the time. After winning the local Elks Club Free Throw Shooting Contest, Jeremy went on to win the regional shoot in Augusta, then won the state championship round at Bath. His expertise is taking him to Springfield, Mass., the end of March for the New England regionale, with all expenses paid for the whole family. “He just kept winning.” his mother, Lisa Cormier commented. His parents, Bill and Lisa Cormier are understandably proud of him. “After winning the state championship, he came home and took his Andy Bedard basketball signed by the Mountain Valley High School basketball star to bed with him,” Lisa commented. His parents keenly support Jeremy’s interest in basketball, carting him to and from practices at the Greater Rumford Community and to Hoop camp every summer.

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