Androscoggin County Commissioner Noel Madore was right in his Feb. 12 guest column in saying that “the caliber of people we elect to all offices is important.”

The residents of Androscoggin County have three commissioners who clearly are not up to the task. They are wasting taxpayer money grandstanding, when they should be focused on their job, which is to attend to county business.

Why aren’t they figuring out how to renovate the courthouse and jail to make them functional for their 21st century purposes? Or looking for efficiencies by promoting collaboration among county and town governments? Instead, they cast Androscoggin County in a bad light, at a time when other community groups are doing their best to attract new business and new residents to this area.

In hindsight, it was a mistake for the voters to expand the number of county commissioners from three to seven.

Christine Gianopoulos, Greene

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