Isn’t it odd? In less than one month we have progressed from a president who put America first to one who puts Americans last — after criminal immigrants and people who have COVID-19 as well as other unknown illnesses.

About 4,000 people per day are coming to America’s southern border and allowed assisted entry, without being properly vetted or found free of serious illnesses or criminal backgrounds.

At the same time, we have a new fence protected by some 5,000 National Guard troops installed around our national Capitol to protect Congress from all those suspicious Republicans who might have voted for Donald Trump.

While Americans must wear masks and maintain “social distances” at all times indoors and are often prohibited from working in or holding jobs in restaurants, undocumented immigrants are often provided food, some sort of lodging, and COVID-19 vaccination shots. And they are permitted free entry into our, what used to be, free country.

Richard Grover, Mason Township

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