Kerrigan Anuszewski Emily MacCabe Photography

Kerrigan Anuszewski has been recognized as the 2021 Maine Principals’ Award winner from Winthrop High School.

The daughter of Loren and Kristel Anuszewski, she is being recognized for her leadership, character, citizenship and scholarship. Anuszewski serves as the president of the class of 2021 and treasurer for the WHS Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Anuszewski played field hockey all four years at Winthrop, basketball two years, track for one year, tennis for four years, and also was a support athlete for the WHS Unified team in 2020. She was involved in a number of Winthrop play productions over her four years as well.

She was a line producer and news reporter for WBUS 75, WHS’s internal news program. Other activities, as part of WBUS, included a recording to showcase COVID protocols for the return to school last fall. This was an effort to provide understanding to peers of what life would be like at WHS this school year.

As a member of the Student Leadership Team, she led activities and discussions to help communicate student needs and wants. Her individual community service project for NHS is a recycling program of slightly-used clothing called Rambler Rack. Providing opportunity for her peers to select slightly used clean clothing, she donates the remaining items to a community clothes closet.

When lockdowns began last spring due to COVID-19, Anuszewski looked for and found ways to help members of her community. After conferring with now-Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, she accepted the challenge of checking in on the elderly in Winthrop to ask if there was anything she could help do for them or what others may be able to do for them.


The teachers at Winthrop recognized her many achievements and acts of service by bestowing the Student of the Month award to her in October 2020.

Anuszewski’s future plans include continuing her liberal arts studies at Bates College in Lewiston. While at WHS, she has prepared for her future college studies by completing AP classes in all four of the major content areas and also in Spanish this year. She took advantage of the opportunities provided at school by meeting most of her diploma requirements early on in her high school career. This freed up her schedule to complete four college courses via the UMaine system.

While at Bates, she will continue to use her athletic skills as a member of its field hockey team.

With her nomination by Winthrop High Principal Mark Campbell and Dean of Students/Athletic Director Joel Stoneton, Anuszewski is eligible to receive one of the 10 scholarships offered by the Maine Principals’ Association. These scholarships will be offered virtually Friday, May 14.

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