100 Years Ago: 1921

H. Tremblay of Lewiston obtained the contract Thursday from the SS Kresge company of Detroit, Mich., for remodeling the store on Lisbon Street, formerly occupied by the Novelty Cloak Store. Work has already begun.

50 Years Ago: 1971

The area’s newest bed and breakfast is gearing up for its first full season along the banks of a tiny creek and with a natural, gentle Native American theme. Entering the Inn at Little Creek on Route 121 in Oxford is almost like coming home, at least that’s what some of Ken Ward and Diane Lecuyer’s guests have said since the couple took a chance, moved to Oxford from Massachusetts, and opened the bed and breakfast in a 19th century, two-story white home a few weeks ago. “When we found this house, it felt like Grandma’s house, it kind of put its arms around you,” said Lecuyer. The sunny dining room and kitchen are inviting with their pale-colored walls is decorated with Indian artifacts collected by the couple from several powwows they have attended over the years. An Indian theme was chosen because so many bed and breakfasts are generally decorated in a Colonial or country style, and the couple wanted something different. “We wanted something special and interesting,” said Ward, noting that Lecuyer is of Iroquois ancestry. Along with the Indian dream  catchers, animal pelts and other Indian artifacts are many books on Indians and quiet, gentle background Native American music. The inn is located on the banks of a creek which connects the Little Androscoggin River and Thompson Lake. The bed and breakfast offers three sunny guest rooms complete with four-poster beds. Breakfasts can be simple, or more elaborate, including Native American teas purchased from the Dakotas and fresh berry muffins, or buffalo serapple.

25 Years Ago: 1996

The program presented at the joint meeting of Portland  and Lewiston-Auburn YW-Wives on Wednesday, April 7, will be done by members of the “Jolly Seniors Band” of Auburn, comprised of senior citizens.

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