AUBURN — Saint Dominic Academy has announced the following students were named to the honor roll for the third quarter of the 2020-21 academic year.

The following students have achieved a 4.25 average and above in all courses:


Grade 11: Bryana Archer, Julianne Cook, Noah Cyr, Kathleen Dean, McKenzie Lagerson, Patrick Manson, Isabella McMillen, Leandro Naous, Bella Perryman, Eleanor Russell, Kyla Wallace and Jessica Zimmerman.

Grade 9: Rieslynn Bernier, Connor Cyr, Anna Geyer-Shaheen and Kyle Reed.

Grade 8: Belle Beauchesne, Owen Gallic and Anna Theriault.

Grade 7: Ellia Dick, Dmitri Keene and Spencer Morgan.

Grade 6: Piper Croteau, Naomi Fairbanks, Chloe Grover, Charles Marcotte, Ava Martin and Kai Taylor.

The following students have achieved a 3.80 average overall, with no grade below 2.70:


Grade 11: Nicholas Calandra, Sydney Dick, Dylan Grover, Emma Roy, Cezarie St. Jean, Isabella Webster and Benedicte Yombe.

Grade 10: Ava Apodaca, Lily Beauchesne, Ethan Berube, Natalie Brocke, Miles Frenette, Matthew Gould, Abigail Mitchell, Chloe Whited and Laura Wong.

Grade 9: Georgiana Davidson, Avery Gravel, Hailey Hughes, Timothée Ouellette and Abraham Purington.

Grade 8: Gabrielle Allen, Charlize Apodaca, Aiden Belanger, Jack Gilpatric, Lola Jones, Jackson Landry, Logan Martin, Lauren Naous, Jaipal Patel, Jonathan Tangilamesu, Taylor Varney and Brookelyn Whited.

Grade 7: Chloe Beauchesne, Kyla Berube, Isabella Bouffard, Cecile Brown, Dalila Dube, Benjamin Dumais, Sophia Franciose and Victoria Lac.

Grade 6: Madeline Andrews, Lily Bonney, Jaxson Booker, Chloe Croteau, Ian Cyr, Liam Gregoire, Victor Lac, Chloe LaPrell, Ryan Manson, Brooklin Pratt, Olivia Tapley and William Wallingford.

The following students, listed in alphabetical order, have achieved a 3.25 average overall, with no grade below 2.70:


Grade 11: Kevin Gallic.

Grade 10: Lorelei Bonney, Skyler Emerson, Noah Girardin and Erik Jones.

Grade 9: Logan Carey, Campbell Perryman and Natalia Russell.

Grade 8: Emily Andrews, Alexyss Baird, Jordynn Bilodeau, Ashley Connor, Leah Herrick, Joshua Parenteau and Isaac Yombe.

Grade 7: Joseph Adams, Kellen Anthoine, Harper Borden, Maia Cote, Elijah Fish, Kendall Gravel and Isabelle Hinkley.

Grade 6: Sebastian Caine, Zane Deletesky, Justin Lac, Landon Nagy, Logan Rousseau, Alek St. Laurent and Donel Tangilamesu.

The following students, listed in alphabetical order, have achieved a 3.0 average overall, with no grade below 2.70:


Grade 10: Isabella Pelletier.

Grade 9: Colin Dube.

Grade 8: Brockton Morissette.

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