The Chocolate Touch

by Patrick Skene Catling

The Chocolate Touch is written by a British author and is recommended for children ages 8-12.

The book takes its theme from the Greek myth of King Midas who was given the power to turn everything he touched into gold thereby learning a valuable lesson that too much of a good thing can be disastrous.

In Ruthie Snogren’s excellent summary of the book, she wrote:

“This book is about a boy named John Midas who is a very picky eater but loves to eat candy and especially chocolate. One day he ate a magic piece of chocolate that made him turn everything he touched with his lips to chocolate. At first he was happy to be eating chocolate all the time but then he discovered the consequences of it. The moral of this story is to not be selfish and to watch what you wish for.”

Ruthie thoroughly enjoyed the book and it has been recommended by teachers who want to engage young readers in the second and third grade.

As Ruthie noted, “I loved this book because its fun to read and has a good lesson to it.”

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