The children pouring into our country are fleeing horrible situations in Central America, after the Trump administration refused to help small countries with their fight against drug dealers and armed militia.

Closing the border only caused a log jam. We need to help people to feel safe in their own countries. Our relatives came to this country for a better, safe life — why is that so different now?

I am ashamed of our senators who rode boats down the Rio Grande with guns pointed at the children on the shore. Where was the outrage when babies were ripped from their mothers’ arms and thrown into crowded cages?

I have faith Biden — with his determined attitude and calm demeanor, and with help from Congress — will once and for all solve the immigration problem that has plagued our country for years. If the U.S.A. didn’t have a big drug problem, maybe people could live safely in Central America, without the fear of drug lords killing to protect their profitable drug businesses.

But wait, wait, don’t close the border — we may have to flee this country from armed, unlawful hate gangs that are allowed to terrorize without consequence.

Carole Richards, Livermore

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