Cody Currier and his fiancee, Catie Fournier, are opening a new Aroma Joe’s in the former Dunkin’ space at 1930 Lisbon St. Construction is just beginning and they hope to open by August. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Renovation and fresh brews are in the air — it’s a two-Buzz week.

First up: Former Dunkin’ space at 1930 Lisbon St., inside the On The Way convenience store, is becoming a new Aroma Joe’s.

New franchisee Cody Currier of Lewiston is behind the project.

“I started off as a consumer,” he said. “I really enjoyed the product and I liked the positivity that the franchise had.”

Busy traffic on Route 196 was a definite draw to the location, he said. The 500-square-foot coffee shop, which will also have food offerings, will be accessible by a drive-thru and inside the convenience store.

Currier’s fiancee, Catie Fournier, will be on-site general manager. Currier, who has a public sector job in wastewater and drinking water, will work nights and weekends. He anticipates hiring about 12 employees.


Work is underway on the $197,800 renovation. He hopes to open in August and eventually have other locations.

The Maine-based chain has 30 Aroma Joe’s in-state and another 45 in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida, according to a spokeswoman.


Commercial renovations are afoot on both sides of the river, according to Twin Cities permit reports.

In Lewiston, projects include:

• A $225,000 renovation at Concentra at 59 East Ave., reconfiguring a waiting room, bathroom work, painting and new flooring.


• A $60,000 renovation at 75 Howard St. by owner Moussa Realty, demolishing and rebuilding fire-damaged floors, walls and roof.

• Two projects for Lewiston Real Estate Management, one a $34,500 renovation at 8 River St. addressing bathrooms, and another renovation for $22,750 at 2 River St. renovating five units, both as the units become available.

• A $32,000 renovation at 1896 Lisbon St. for Connor Realty, fitting up office space.

• A $50,000 renovation at 18 Rita Ave. for John Murphy Homes Inc., turning a bedroom into a restroom, with upgrades.

And in Auburn, projects include:

• A $15,000 renovation at 277 Main St. rebuilding the Academy Street entrance overhang at Community Little Theatre.


• A $35,000 renovation at 410 Center St. for Great Clips, building a salon space.

Finally more of a swap-out than a renovation: A $125,000 project atop 2 Great Falls Plaza, removing several antennas and installing others for US Cellular.


Sure, in Maine we’re getting more robocalls, but it turns out we’re also getting our hearts broken and bilked less. is out with a romance scam report ranking the number of romance scams and amount of money lost by state (think things like strangers pretending to be someone else, sometimes long-term, and asking for money).

California was the most-scammed in 2020 with 3,100 complaints and $120 million lost, according to the website, which used figures from the federal Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Maine came in a low— but still too high — 40th with 57 complaints and $1.5 million lost.

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